EGU general assembly

Since 2004 I convene a session at the General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union. The session is entitled "Recent developments in geophysical fluid dynamics: waves, turbulence, and transport in the atmosphere and ocean". You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to the session. To get more information see the program on EGU 2016, Nonlinear Processes.

"Recent developments in geophysical fluid dynamics"

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) is a truly interdisciplinary field, including different topics dealing with rotating stratified fluids. It emerges in the late 50s, when scientists from meteorology, oceanography, astrophysics, geological fluid dynamics, and applied mathematics began to mathematically model complex flows and thereby unify these fields. Since then many new aspects were added and deeper insight into many problems has been achieved. New mathematical and statistical tools were developed, standard techniques were refined, classical problems were varied. Through the application of such tools and techniques to the established conceptual models of GFD we got more clarity on the dynamics of rotating stratified fluids. In this session we primarily focus on contributions from dynamic meteorology and physical oceanography that model flows by mathematical analysis. However, it is also a forum for experimental GFD and for astrophysical and geological aspects of GFD as well.