My GFD group won several prestigeous awards over the years:

The '2013 Fluid Dynamics Research Prize of the Japan Socienty of Fluid Mechanics' was given to Sandy Koch, Uwe Harlander, Christoph Egbers, and Rainer Hollerbach for the paper entitled 'Inertial waves in a spherical shell induced by librations of the inner sphere: experimental and numerical results', published by the journal 'Fluid Dynamics Research', Volume 45, Number 3, 035504, 2013.

The 'Prize for the best young researcher in Brandenburg 2014' was given to Miklos Vince, GFD group member 2012-2014, for the papers
M. Vincze, S. Borchert, U. Achatz, Th. v. Larcher, M. Baumann, C. Hertel, S. Remmler, T. Beck, K. Alexandrov, C. Egbers, J. Froehlich, V. Heuveline, S. Hickel, and U. Harlander. Benchmarking in a rotating annulus: a comparative experimental and numerical study of baroclinic wave dynamics. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, in print, 2014, and
M. Vincze, U. Harlander, Th. von Larcher, and C. Egbers. An experimental study of regime transitions in a differentially heated baroclinic annulus with flat and sloping bottom topographies. Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 21, 237-259, 2014.

The 'Max-Grünebaum-Prize for the best PhD thesis at BTU in 2017' was given to Michael Hoff, GFD group member 2014-2017, for the thesis
Stewartson layers, inertial waves and wave instabilities in a spherical gap flow: Laboratory experiments with full optical access, published in the Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen 2017, ISBN 978-3-7369-9644-1.

The 'Max-Grünebaum-Prize for the best PhD thesis at BTU in 2020' was given to Costanza Rodda, GFD group member 2015-2020, for the thesis
Gravity waves emission from jet systems in the differentially heated rotating annulus experiment, published in the Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen 2020.

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